Mei 19, 2009

indonesia food tasty, healthy ….

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boploIndonesia is a region of islands in the wedge by two oceans, namely the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. Indonesia including their own country and consists of several islands (archipelago). In indonesia have many unique differences from the tribe, until the food.

Well, at this time I will talk about, what the food in indonesia? and what the excess food indonesia.


Gado-gado is one of the food that came from Indonesia in the form of vegetables is boiled and mixed so one, with the spices or the sauce from the peanut mashed with sliced egg and onion on top of springkle fry. Few emping or fried crackers (there are also using prawn crackers).

Gado-gado so can be eaten as salad with any seasoning / peanut sauce, but can also be eaten with white rice or sometimes also served with lontong.

* 1 Materials
o 1.1 Vegetables
o 1.2 peanut sauce

Vegetables that are often used can vary, even though vegetables used are:

* Vegetables are sliced green small, such as lettuce, cabbage, cabbage flower, long beans, and bean sprouts.
* Vegetables such as carrots and other cucumber.
* Tomato
* Potato stew of shredded.
* Boiled eggs.

With the exception of eggs and boiled potatoes, vegetables that are usually used in the raw. Despite sometimes vegetables such as kale and cabbage can also flower boiled hot water. There are also vegetables that are cooked with steam heat.

Peanut sauce

One of the differences of the gado-gado salad is the peanut sauce is used. The material used for the peanut sauce can also be varied. Materials used are:

* Beans are fried dilumatkan
* garlic
* Chili, pepper
* Water lemon

Sometimes also added:

* Style
* Paste

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